The Techno Guards

A very inspiring team retires!

After 3 years straight winning the NorCal State Championship Inspire Award - and 3 year straight going to Worlds (Innovate Award winners 2009)  (Innovate nominees 2010) (Inspire, PTC Design & Innovate nominees 2011) - The Techno Guards team will not be competing again as they are retiring.

Two of the team members will be going on to college this year, and the others are starting teams in their own schools. The two college age team members will still be active in the FIRST community, either mentoring or assisting the partners with judging and officiating at tournaments.

Thank you for all of your support and assistance - it has been an amazing 3 years and we have been so proud to represent the best of what FIRST Tech Challenge is for Northern California and the World!

The 2010-2011 Techno Guards


Team Members:

Karl: Mechanical Design
Chris: Fabrication
Gavin: Programmer & Controls
Alejandro: CAD & wiring


Alan LeVezu: Coach
Heidi Buck: Assistant Coach





Our Coaches

Our Coaches:

Alan LeVezu
Heidi Buck

Past Teams

The Techno Guards have a history of award winning teams. The previous teams have gone to the world level of competition and some of the team members have gone to other international FIRST events as both competitors and as volunteers. Read more »