FIRST Tech Challenge

Presentation Keynote File

We do a lot of presentations!

We use a lot of stuff to make sure that the presentations go well -- one of the main things is a presentation program - most people use powerpoint, but we've got lots of Apple computers on our team, and a couple iPads too... so we created a Keynote presentation that basically explains the parts of FIRST that we're involved in that runs on an iPad. Read more »

Get Over It - Challenge Information Video

We do a lot of demonstrations of our robot throughout the year. One of the difficulties in doing them is telling the audience about the challenge for the year. 

We created a video that shows the challenge. It is partly from the FTC kickoff video, and partly from videos that we have taken at some qualifying tournaments.  Read more »

FLL to FTC Video

 FIRST asked for some 15 second video clips from students that moved to FTC from FLL.  

They were looking for something that completed the thought: "I was in FLL and now I'm doing FTC!  I recommend you move up to FTC too, because..."

Karl had some ideas and put a couple of them together.  We've attached them to this story below!


Techno Guards offer online Engineering Notebook for all FTC teams!

The Techno Guards were asked to do a talk at the Get Over It! Kick-Off event about the Engineering Notebook. 

Since our notebook is stored and handled entirely online on our website, we decided that just talking about it wasn't what we wanted to do... So we took the notebook portion of our site (this site -- but only team members can see it) and put it into a separate website for use by any FTC team anywhere. We  set up the site so that there is complete privacy for each team. Read more »

Thinking of starting an FTC team?

We happen to think that FTC is an awesome program! With its small team size (10 member maximum) and longer build season, FTC gives team members the opportunities to really learn and enjoy the engineering process.

Our robots may be smaller than FRC bots, but what we lack in size we more than make up in sophistication! Read more »

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