FIRST Tech Challenge

RobotC Programs

 The following files are the RobotC programs from the Techno Guards robots for the past three years.

You are welcome to review these files to see what we did.

Build your own Alice!

The Techno Guards built their robot (Alice) for the 2010-2011 season completely in PTC's Pro/Engineer 5 CAD software.

They are offering the complete file for anyone that is interested and has Pro/E.

You can download the CAD Backup file from the files attached to this story! Read more »

Scouting Sheets for Get Over It World Tournament

The Techno Guards again put together their scouting sheets for the world tournament and are happy to offer them for other teams to use.

They are attached as PDFs below, feel free to use them or modify them to your hearts content! Read more »

Revised Joystick Driver for RobotC

Summary: adds element "joystick.Connected" to the joystick control structure 

The Techno Guards use RobotC to program their robots. 

One of the issues that we noted in the way that RobotC handles joystick communication is that there's no notification if communication is lost.  To that end, we initially tried to watch the received message counter in the main program and decided that wasn't working well. Read more »

PTC Extra CAD Library for FTC

Our Extra Parts CAD Library is available for use by other teams. This library includes many of the parts we have created or rebuilt for use in building our robot entirely in CAD and for shaping the plastic pieces that we designed.

  Read more »

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