Hot Shot Autonomous video

From NorCal State Tournament

Here is  some video of our robot at the NorCal State tournament. Our autonomous mode is featured! Read more »

Evo Z (the Techno Guards' robot) on YouTube!

Evo 4 - The Face Off robot

This is a picture of the Techno Guards' robot for the 2008-2009 season: Face Off!

With this robot, the team won the Innovate award at the FTC World Championships!

We called it EVO-4 because it was the 4th evolution (meaning entire rebuild) of the initial concept. Multiple small revisions were continually made to the robot during the evolution process.

Face Off! Robot Video

This video is of our 2008/2009 Face Off! Challenge Robot.

Dean Kamen signs our robot!!

Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST, with the Techno Guards at the FIRST Tech Challenge- World Championship, Georgia Dome, Atlanta. Read more »

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