Alice PTC CAD Flyby Animation Demo

 The Techno Guards robot (Alice) in CAD doing a simple animation fly-by (and around) is now on youtube! 

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Techno Guards in Robot Magazine

The Techno Guards and Alice are featured in the July/August edition of Robot Magazine (page 16) !

You can read the article in the attached pdf (below).

Build your own Alice!

The Techno Guards built their robot (Alice) for the 2010-2011 season completely in PTC's Pro/Engineer 5 CAD software.

They are offering the complete file for anyone that is interested and has Pro/E.

You can download the CAD Backup file from the files attached to this story! Read more »

Alice - the 2010/2011 Get Over It! Challenge Robot

Alice is our robot for the "Get Over It!" Challenge, and is our most ambitious robot yet. We call the robot Alice because, just like Alice In Wonderland, she gets smaller and bigger! Read more »

Evo Z - The 2009-2010 Hot Shot! Robot

This is the picture of the Techno Guards' robot for the Hot Shot Challenge in 2009 - 2010.

We called it Evo-Z because various parts of it went through multiple different evolutions (the chassis as few as 4, the lifter as many as 9).

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