Techno Guards continue Boys & Girls Club Robotics Workshops

Even though the Techno Guards (FIRST Tech Challenge 2848) are retired, team members are continuing to promote  FIRST and STEM within their community.

We are continuing to run our monthly robotics workshops at the local Boys & Girls Club - teaching students about FIRST LEGO League, basic building and programming skills - and having a blast!

We brought in last year's FIRST LEGO League competition mat (Body Forward) - and had teams of students build and program a robot to complete 1 of the missions.

There's nothing quite like seeing the expression on a kid's face - and excitement - when they discover that they can make a 'robot' move!

A BEBO FLL Team member helps mentor 2 of the students to build a robot

ALejandro (Techno Guard alumni) helps another team with their robot...

The kids had a blast - and so did we! Much thanks to Dave Parker of and coach to the FLL team BEBO - for helping us make this a great workshop for some very excited kids!