Meeting Date: 
Sun, 04/17/2011
Start and End Time: 
10 am - 3 pm 5:30 - 6:30 pm
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
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Tasks This Meeting: 

Update hand in CAD, build and attach aluminum.

Wire prototype board, attach new connectors for magnetic and touch sensors.

Wire extra servo wire for ejector.

Put hand back together.

Work on robot box speakers.

Reflections For This Meeting: 

Got a lot done!

 Today is one week and counting until we go to World in St. Louis. We have a lot of different jobs to do, and after discussing what was needed (and writing it on the whiteboard) - we each started to work on the tasks at hand.

One of the things we are most excited about is putting some sound into our robot box. This has been a dream we've had for awhile. Ever since we first went to Worlds, 3 years ago as FLL Lego Guards-Power Puzzle - and saw this awesome FRC team's robot cart with an incredible sound system.

Our plan is to take some of the old car speakers from the Benz, and incorporate them into the box we made a couple of weeks ago as our robot/stance stand.

 During driving practice we lost control of the motor controllers at different times and decided (because of the symptoms) that it was probably bad wires or connectors between the NXT and the controllers. So, we had already changed wires previously... and we don't have spare controllers... but we did have a spare NXT – so swapped that out. It seemed to do the job so far.


 We needed some spiral wrap and since we can't use the actual wrap we decided to make our own using surgical tubing. With a shaved pencil, a box cutter, and 6 inches of surgical tubing we were able to make our own wrap.


Putting the homemade sprial wrap on the wires we found it worked great and got the job done. Keeping the servo wires and magnet seonsor wire safe and together tightly.


Another photo showing the surgical spiral wrap, with all the srevo leads sticking out.


Gavin had to begin work on some of the connectors for the touch and magnet sensor on the hand, the concept being that we can remove the hand without having to cut the wires or zipties.

Al had the task of running another servo wire up the arm to the hand. Half way through he ended up having to help Gavin, whom had dropped some pieces down into the lower arm.

With heatshrink and connectors in hand, Gavin was able to finish up so that Al could take all the wires and clean them up, then use our spiral wrap to keep everything secure.

After Al finished the wiring, he began working on PTC, finishing up some key elements on the hand, and figuring out some spacing that we would need later when mounting the hand to the robot.

Attaching the magnet sensor was an easy chore, but everyone knew it would be moved once we actually tried running a magnetic baton by it.

Here I am finally attaching the hand and aligning up the servo to the 0 point.

With the hand on Al and I were able to wire it all up so that we could test it under power and have our programmer begin working on some of its new features.

Coming up with an idea to have a box with speakers in it, we took apart a battery powered iPod speaker dock then began to write a list of things to get to make it better.

Testing the grabber out with power...

We watched closely then realized that the servo was not plugged in so tried it again.

We found it works perfect. It can't take any more then 5 in and pulls them in quite effeicently.

Chris came over after work and the 2 of us tested out Alice driving and new hand. It works great and we are really pleased with how quickly we can now dispense the batons.

Delivery is also much improved and speed is a great gain.