Meeting Date: 
Sat, 04/16/2011
Start and End Time: 
10 am - 2 pm
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Tasks This Meeting: 

- Fix the Chassis

- Attaching mounting plates on the hand

- Work on new flipper design

Reflections For This Meeting: 

When in doubt, heat it up and force it on.

Today was the first of the many extra meeting to come in the week before the World Festival. Primary goals were to get the hand done and ready for mounting and use. With that in mind Chris and I started early in the morning to begin the detail oriented work on the hand. Taking a break half way though to work on the chassis a little bit, deciding some of the wiring would best be handled by Al, who would come over the next day. The whole idea about the new flipper desgin though is to have a system where we can count how many batons we have accurately and know where the magnetic baton is, hopefully.


To the left we have our first puller design, wanting to change the lego flippers we have now, then to the right the shorter more realistic version. We ended up building the one on the left only to find it being a little to big then proceded to shave it down and make a smaller version.

Our CAD team (Al and I) built the new flippers in CAD to get them exact and so we could have a perfect printout for when we went to cut it out.

Using the band saw we cut out our first flipper. Then we had a thought, to make all 4 flippers exactly the same, why not just glue 4 peices of plastic together and cut them all out at once.

We left some extra plastic around the flipper design so that we could sand it down and get a perfect curve and have it nice and smooth.

This is our first flipper design and was a mock up done by just free hand cutting and sanding.



Holding up the hand to the baton dispenser to make sure it has a chance of working we found that the size was a little to big. After some sanding though we tried it again to  find it worked much better.


With all 4 flippers, being the same size and shape, we found that they hold the batons in perfectly and prevent the hand from getting the 6th baton that we were having problems with before.


Chris began to work on fixing our drive train as at a demo we found that the right side of the robot was not working. Removing all the panneling and armor we found that some wires were off. Fixing the issue with zipties and some soldering.


Next up was working on the mounting pieces for the new hand, and removal of the old hand.


Mounting some of the other servos on Chris and I found that brute strength sometimes works great with plastic.


Bending the plastic tabs around the metal plates we were then able to attach the lego pieces for the left to right slider.


Putting some rubber bands on we found that they had plenty of strength and the need for the surgical tubing was no longer there.


With everything together we tried it all again with a full rack of batons. The flippers, slider, and spitter work great and we can't wait to mount the hand onto the robot.