Meeting Date: 
Sun, 04/10/2011
Start and End Time: 
1:00 pm - 5 pm
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Tasks This Meeting: 

Finish new hand, attach the flipper and the spitter to the hand, and attach switches to new hand.

Replace shafts on robot chasis.

Review schedule leading up to world

Bill of materials, CAD.

Reflections For This Meeting: 

Our new hand idea may just be epic!

Today we worked on build the hand and testing all of the variations that can be used for the high scoring auto program or the quicker dump during the driver controlled period.  Al placed all of the parts on the hand on CAD and I put the parts on the hand.  The new hand is going to be able to dump batons with more precision and more quickly than before.  Chris worked on replacing shafts on the robot and placing new chain on the chassis.  Karl and Chris also rewired the motors to allow for increased movement.  Al and I then tested the new launcher and it worked well.  The hand needs to placed on the robot and the auto program needs to be made for the high scoring hand, which should allow for us to score up too 100 points in auto.

The new door for the hand which will allow the arm's driver to choose which batons to drop.

The aluminum part of the hand for the flipper and placing the batons in the correct position to be dumped.

The aluminum was shaped so that it could fit around a single screw to hold it in position

The bottom of the aluminum sheet that is going to be used for the high scoring auto program.



Chris placing the shaft for holding the flippers on the hand.

Chris replacing all of the shafts and replacing the chain in preperation for St. Louis.

Al rebuild the hand in CAD before placing it on the robot.

I am placing the flipper on the robot for the high scoring auto program.

Chris taking off one of the wings to rewire motors.

Batons that were able to be scored from the dispenser, the first part of the high scoring auto program.

Al and me wiring the flipper for testing on the mini field we have set up.