Techno Guards run the FTC Driving Challenge at FRC Regional Competition

 March 19, 2011
FRC Regional Competition
"Not Quite Over It" - FTC Driving Challenge
 Davis, CA

Today our team set up and ran the FIRST Tech Challenge Driving Challenge at UC Davis ARC pavilion.

The team represented FIRST Tech Challenge at the event, and talked about FIRST and FTC with the public.

Our team designed the "Not Quite Over It" field - to create a fun driving challenge that utilized our existing field elements.

We had several practice bots on hand to drive the course, including our "White Rabbit" bot and some of Mark Edelman's (Playing At Learning) - that were available for other teams and the public.

FTC Team 4529 - Antipodes, one of the teams we are mentoring, came by to use the course to practice driving their robot.Their team recently won Captain of the Winning Alliance at the Denver Regional - and will also be going to World. Congrats to Antipodes! 

Gavin explains elements of Alice to some interested attendees.

Karl and Chris work on repairing one of Mark Edelman's driving bots.

A member of the FRC team Insomniacs - gives one of the drive bots a run to see if he can beat the clock, while Mark Edelman and Jill Wilker of Playing At Learning look on.