Connected with Engineers at Schilling Robotics

Today our team visited Schilling Robotics in Davis for a tour of their new facility, and to talk about FIRST and FIRST Tech Challenge with some of their engineers. Schilling Robotics is a leading global producer of high-technology subsea systems, including control systems, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), manipulators, and custom-built systems for subsea exploration and production.

The team in front of Schilling's new Davis facility. (Gavin is really glad the manipulator is not real!)

Chris Rauch (Mechanical Engineer) and Meagan Anderson (Marketing Coordinator) welcome our team and give us a company overview.

The team explains Alice and the FTC game challenge to Chris. He gave us some ideas on design concepts and methods they use for rapid prototyping. We're still trying to improve our hand/collector assembly and he offered some basic thoughts on the way to design past our difficulties.


The Schilling engineers showed off their Titan 4 manipulators. The arm movement was incredible and we wish we could use something like that in our challenge!

The ROV vehicle was impressive. We had no idea the size of one, on camera they look about the size of our robot... it's bigger than an SUV...

The control room trailer was cool (they had air conditioning). The control consoles were also great!

We saw the testing pool where they run the equipment away from the oceans. It wasn't really warm enough to swim today, and that's a good thing. The water looked inviting (even though we know it's not somewhere we can really swim in it)!

At the end of the tour we ran into Mike Gyorfi, VP of Assembly, and he took some time to look at our robot and see what we do with Alice. He's interested in seeing more of FIRST and he's hoping to come to the FRC event next weekend were we're running the "Not Quite Over It" FTC Driving Challenge.