Techno Guards teach classes at Sierra College

We talked about FIRST, FIRST Tech Challenge, engineering, programming and CAD to a room full of college students.

Today we were invited to teach at Sierra College during the Computer Science 0010 (Introduction to Computing) class. The instructor (Bill Cole) had also invited another class (CSCI-0012 Object Oriented Programming), so there was standing room only.


Chris described FIRST and FIRST Tech Challenge. We showed videos of the past 3 FTC season challenges, and explained about the robots we built to solve these various challenges.

The team passed around our new small "speed bot" that we are building for the driving challenge coming in a couple weeks. Then, we brought out Alice and drove her around. Karl talked about the sensors and their interaction with the robot's design. He also explained how we came up with the ideas for this year's challenge.

Gavin's descriptions of the time and effort that went into programming the autonomous routines, and the programming for driver controlled operation,  kept the students  interested. He (fortunately) did not go into too much detail!  The screen was showing a printout of our code, and that seemed to intimidate the audience!

Alejandro showed the class the Pro/E CAD software. He showed them a simple addition of a completely useless piece so they would see what was involved. The plastic building descriptions and BOM were an impressive part of the demonstration. 

Throughout the class we took questions, and we got a bunch of great ones! 

 Thanks to Bill Cole, Sierra College and all the students - who made this a fun experience for us!