Meeting Date: 
Sun, 02/06/2011
Start and End Time: 
1:00 pm - 6 pm
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
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Tasks This Meeting: 

Re-make the saftey plastic

Move the brain

Build new light tower for two signals

Wire cover

Wire it all

Reflections For This Meeting: 

We finally moved the brain. We've talked about it for over a month and finally had time to do it!

We got a lot done, we moved the brain and secured it in the new position, we made the new plastics for the side top and light coverings, Al wired it all, Gavin made sure the program was up to date with the new wire locations, and Karl and Chris made the plastic.

Karl Gavin and Chris started on the process of moving the brain from the side of the robot to the top of the robot in front of the lights for ease of access.

Karl and Chris took the old plastic off and checked sizing for the new pieces.

Our big thing to work on now is getting sponsors for world - so we worked on making PR packets (information about our team, etc) to give out to local businesses. We each have a goal of handing out at least 5 a week. We also worked on our binders and iron on logos for old and new shirts.

Al rewired the infrared sensor, and brought the wires from the bottom motor controllers up to the sensor multiplexer.

Chris checked positioning for the side and top plastic, and Al built the attachment for the brain.

Gavin wrote out the new locations for the wires coming into the sensor multiplexer and brain and prototype board.

Gavin's programming drawings for the various wires.

Gavin Chris and Al all worked on different things.  Chris attached the side plastic, Gavin is trying to re-attach the infrared sensor, and Al is finishing attaching the brain.

The top of the robot, almost done.  The brain is in a new position, and the wires had to be moved again.  Which means more wiring for Al.  (Thanks guys...)

Karl desiging the saftey plastic for the light box, the wire cover, and side paneling.  He printed out the CAD drawings and glued them onto the plastic for it to be cut.

The wire cover and the light box printed out and glued onto the plastic ready to be cut out, using PETG

Karl cutting the basic shapes for the wire cover and the light box on the band saw.

The wire cover and light cover after being cut out on the band saw, now for bending.


Karl cutting out the side pannel for the robot armor.

All three of the pieces finished with cutting, now the paper comes off, and the bending process begins before they are secured onto the robot.

The wire cover in place in front of the brain with the touch sensor for the arm.  We put a touch sensor there so the arm has a known home position.

The new light tower. We now have the ability to send signals to two different places so we can tell what the robot is doing even better.