Meeting Date: 
Sun, 01/23/2011
Start and End Time: 
6:45 am - 2 pm
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
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Tasks This Meeting: 

- Good Day Sacramento: on air from 7 - 10 am

- back to the house and have team meeting

     1. PR stuff and calendar

     2. Sponsors

     3. changes to make on robot (drive train, hand)



Reflections For This Meeting: 

Breaking out of the room would have been more fun!

Today our entire team had to get up very early to make it to the morning show on CW31 in Sacramento. We were in the studio for 3 hours - the first segment, we talked about FIRST and FIRST Tech Challenge - talked about our challenge for the year and upcoming World Championship. We gave a robot demonstration - and also talked about some of our team missions - like getting legislators involved in FIRST.
The second 2 hours - we were involved in a MacGyver challenge. The studio locked us into a room with an assortment of everyday items and we had to make something useful out of them.

Cory Stark interviews us on Good Day Sacramento - Gavin was our spokesperson and talked about the game challenge and our accomplishments.

After the 3 hours at the studio - and driving back home - we continued with a meeting. We wrote out the new goals we have since State. Some of our biggest goals now that we know we are going to World - is to get some sponsors and organize our upcoming event.

We have decided to make some changes to Alice - including modifying the hand to be able to dispense batons quicker during autonomous and possibly to add some new sensors and rearrange some of the electronics that we are concerned about and saw issues with during competition.