Meeting Date: 
Mon, 01/03/2011
Start and End Time: 
9:30 am - 4: 30 pm
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Personnel Present: 
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Reflections For This Meeting: 

Sometimes it is best for programmers to have their own time

Today, I came over for pretty much the entire day to work on programming the robot.

I concentrated on creating several autonmous programs. I got the following:

1. Got 5 starting batons scoring

2. Got the balance on the bridge to work! Woo Hoo!

- To do the balancing, we use both the accelerometer and the gyrosensor at the same time. The gyro is mounted sideways- which then tells us when the bridge is moving. So, when it is moving - we stop - and when it is moving we try and balance.

 I also started to program an autonomous to push the rolling goal over the mountain, and started thinking about how to successfully get the doubler - and will finish these up on Wednesday.