Meeting Date: 
Sun, 01/02/2011
Start and End Time: 
1 pm- 6 pm
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Tasks This Meeting: 

- Fix General Keynote

- Create powerpoint for Tournament

- Create program entry for Tournament

- finish CAD drawings

- work on rear lifter

- mount plastic

- programming

Reflections For This Meeting: 

 This is our last big meeting before competition ! We are working hard and getting ready.

This is our last big meeting - with everyone here - before the Nor Cal Tournament next Sunday.

We started out the meeting going over the tasks to do (see photo below) and got to work. During the week, Gavin will come over on his own a couple of days to work on programming. Chris and I have to spend time together to practice driving the robot, and Al is spending time to finish up PR stuff and CAD drawings.

Here is the white board with our list of 'To Do' items for everyone. We created this at the start of the meeting.

Here we are driving the robot up to the different goals - so that Gavin can get the readings for the different stance positions to match the arm positions.

Gavin's notes - he has to keep track of a lot of information for the different controls on the robot.

The new hand design is working very well and very consistently- getting 5 batons out of all 3 levels of goals.

I designed the new side plastic pieces for the robot in CAD. Here are the print outs - laying and taping them onto Kyvex plastic.

Using the bandsaw to cut out the Kyvex plastic - always a messy job.

Here I am helping Al with finishing up some of the CAD drawings - while Gavin is continuing with his programming.

Chris and I worked on figuring out a way to lift the rolling goals by using our stance design - so that at the end game, we can pick one up and carry it up - while pushing another in front of us. I am thinking that we can also possilby be able to pick up 2 rolling goals with this concept.

Chris and I go over the actual grabbing mechanism which will be using one servo. The design is a lever - that will raise and lower.

Here I am mounting the servo onto the back side of the robot - for our lifter design.

Gavin hard at work programming (with all his notes in the back)

These notes (lower right hand corner) is an example of how a linear interpolation look up table - works. Gavin took these notes and created this table based on stance height, to get the arm positions so that were able to set arm positions for each goal based on 4 stance heights. We can get a nice response based on these 4 heights.

Mounting the back bar for the grabber - we are calling it the rolling goal grabber.

Since we are only using 1 servo to get the strength needed, we are creating a pivot using a bronze bushing so that it can hold the weight of the rolling goal.

Al wiring up the servo for the rolling goal grabber.