Presentation Keynote File

We do a lot of presentations!

We use a lot of stuff to make sure that the presentations go well -- one of the main things is a presentation program - most people use powerpoint, but we've got lots of Apple computers on our team, and a couple iPads too... so we created a Keynote presentation that basically explains the parts of FIRST that we're involved in that runs on an iPad.

This, with a projector attached by a video cable, gives us the ability to keep things going smoothly.  We've found that this portion of a presentation takes about 15 minutes, and then we do a robot demonstration and answer questions. (that takes up to an hour!).

The Keynote presentation that we've attached here has most of our team information removed. If you have an Apple computer or an iPad you can modify it to your heart's content and put your team's information in as well.

There are three videos in the presentation - the first is a FIRST commercial, the second is our team video showing our robot from the past two years (you might want to remove that for your team), and the final one is our re-worked game explanation video (see this page for that video in HD).


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