Get Over It - Challenge Information Video

We do a lot of demonstrations of our robot throughout the year. One of the difficulties in doing them is telling the audience about the challenge for the year. 

We created a video that shows the challenge. It is partly from the FTC kickoff video, and partly from videos that we have taken at some qualifying tournaments. 

Except at the very end (the credits) the video does not mention our team, or show off our robot, in any way (in fact our robot is not even in the video at all). We want to prepare the audience with ideas about a match, so when we show off what we can do, there's a frame of reference. 

We realize that this is a need that most teams doing a demonstration may have, so we are publishing the video here, and making it available for download by any team that needs it!

Note - to download, right click on the link at the bottom of this article



Note - the file attached is an HD video file, and as such is substantially bigger than shown! (196Mb) 



Get Over It - FTC Game Overview (HD 196MB)18.3 MB