Meeting Date: 
Sun, 12/19/2010
Start and End Time: 
10 am - 6 pm
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Tasks This Meeting: 

Mount the magnetic sensor to the hand

Re-build the legs of the robot (again!)

Solder the new prototype board.

Reflections For This Meeting: 

It is amazing how fast we've gotten at rebuilding the legs of the robot. Hopefully, this is the last time before State... but we know better than to say 'it is the last time'.

Today was just the 3 of us at the meeting and we are going to take Karl's idea that he did in CAD and rebuild the legs of the robot. His idea will lower the chassis by an inch and a 1/2 which will then give us a lower center of gravity and should make it easier to get over the mountain. It will also shrink the width of the Alice at widest stance from 26 to 23 inches. That way, we can still go across the bridge when we are stanced.

We have a bunch of soldering to do to finish the prototype board, and hope to get the hand attached.

These are some of the parts left after we disassembled the entire left side of the robot. 

Karl mounting motor brackets in a different place than before to lower our center of greavity and get the motors out of the way more.

Karl drilling holes in one of the legs to gain a structuraly strong base, by going from the original 16 screws to a whopping 32.  Because we can.

Karl drilling more holes, this time over a garbage can to prevent metal shavings from getting into those places we don't like to talk about.  The carpet.

The two bases finally done, ready to be wired and attached to the rest of the robot.

Karl and me working on soldering the prototype board...With the help of epic lighting.

Running the wires back to the elbow and through the arm to the body of the robot.

Here's where we attached the multiplexer using LEGO hard point connectors, and other types of LEGO.

We had to reattach the brain in a better place to allow it to fit with the shorter legs and the moved motor positions.

The magnetic and servo wires were able to fit up in the arm all the way to the hand.

A front view of the hand and the flippers to get the batons into the hand. See where that screw in the middle of the plastic between the flippers is? That is our metal sensor, wrapped inside heat shrink tubing. Pretty cool.