Meeting Date: 
Sat, 10/30/2010
Start and End Time: 
9:30AM - 2:30AM
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Tasks This Meeting: 

Prepare for the competition tomorrow, double check everything, finish details on CAD.

Reflections For This Meeting: 

Late, it's getting Late.... it's REALLY getting late.

To Do List:

Team number on robot - done
Engineering blog print
Samantha Module - done
Motor Lead Holders - done
Community Binder - done
Bill Of Materials
Cover for controllers - done
Battery Holder - done
Wrist Attachment - done
Bridge Lower Rollers - done
Attach Hand - done
Hand and Wrist wiring - done
Flag Holder - done
Main Motor wiring/check - done 

 Some CAD sketches of the plastic pieces we used to protect parts of the robot.

The sketch we used to make the top wire covering.


This is the sketch of the bottom covering for the robot.


We took the sketches from CAD and glued them to the Poly Carb to get the detail when cutting the pieces out.

The paper sketch glued onto the Kyvex for the back protection plate and the Samantha Module cover.

Karl working on the robot's arm, attaching the chain tightener for one of the movement options.

A few of the finished plastic coverings, the back plate, and both upper side plates.

The paper covering the cut out plastic bottom guard and top wire guard.

The hand is attached, and side number plates are in place.

Karl attaching a new servo to the front, to help with getting the bridge down.

Preparing to attach the bottom cover on the robot.

The two servos we use to push the bridge down so we can drive on to it.

The servos attached and being tested, now to wire.

The front of the robot, with all the cover plates off.

Underneath the arm on the top, where we keep the battery.

A close up on the front of the robot gear system and wiring.

We've attached most of the servo and motor wires, and now to zip tie everything in place.


Al working on the upper portion of the robot in CAD.

Gavin programming for the driving.

Karl Gavin and Al checking the hand mechanism.

Al finishing the details in CAD, and Gavin checking the controls for the robot.

Karl testing the hand out with the batons, and seeing if the idea we had been working on for weeks actually works.

We found out that 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe fits perfectly around the motor, so we decided to use them as motor covers.  We drilled a hole at the top for the motor wire, and a slit all the way down to make sure it was attached firmly to the motor.

We had been using aircraft cable to control the hand, but there was a lot of slop, so we decided to use aluminum bars instead, which was much stronger and worked much better.

Some of the notes Gavin took while programming the robot.

The hand finally attached to the wrist and arm.

The robot without any of the protective plastic plates, with the hand attached.

The PVC motor guards in place on the motor.

Karl finishing up the last few things with the robot.

Our robot, Alice, in all her beauty.