Meeting Date: 
Wed, 10/27/2010
Start and End Time: 
6 pm - 10 pm
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Tasks This Meeting: 

Work on mounting the arm to wrist to hand.

Reflections For This Meeting: 

Alot of failure, The wrist cant lift the hand, and the robot suspension climbs on itself.


Karl designing POT holders.

POT holder design.


POT holder with bends.


The two pot holders next to one another.

Mounts with size referance to hands.

Finished product.

Finished product in action.

Prepping the hand for wrist mount.

Arm and wrist mounted.

Wrist to arm tuning.

Finished product

Another shot of the finished product- pre robot mount.

Mounted to the robot.

Arm working, the team begging to realize that the wrist wont work.

Solid bar rear, suspension in the front, with a little wheel in the front.

Attempting to climb the hill.

Almost over the mountain.