Meeting Date: 
Mon, 10/25/2010
Start and End Time: 
6:00 pm - 9 pm
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Tasks This Meeting: 

Test the hand.

Work on some PTC.

Build a chain tensioner.


Reflections For This Meeting: 

Our baton grabber seems great, now we just need to test it when its on the robot.



Working on PTC. Trying to figure out some things for spacing.


The PTC drawing of the upper part of our robot.


Testing the hand when against the baton holder.


We test the length of the grabbers and find out they are slightly to long. Thus we probably need to shorten them.


Trying it again at a different angle to double check before we take it appart to shrink the grabbers/fingers.

Measurments for the distance betweens the servos  so that we can hold them together.

Cutting out the plastic pieces for the servo holder for the hand.

Measuring twice cutting once.

All attached and it holds the servos in place wonderfully and very securely.

Even cats are amazed at our hand concept.

Quickly wiring it up so that we can test it.

Turning it on we hope that this all works or its back to the drawing board.

It seems to work great!

Uh-oh. Small problem. Luckily we came up with two things to fix this problem and one is an easy fix.

We actually changed the fingers/grabbers back to the longer version, now time to try it again.

Take 2.

It seems to work so much better with long fingers although we will bend the plastic part of the hand up a little to create more a funnel. This way the baton's have no choice but to go where we want them.

We know that we can only hold 5 batons at once so we are hoping that our spaceing of the plastic was all perfect so that it will stop at 5 batons.

Our measuring payed off as the servo stops at exacly 5 batons.

Now time to test on our dispensing stradegy using the hand.

A perfect picture as it demonstrates the baton falling out perfectly.

Dropping one at a time allows us to have a much greater control over where we want them to go.



Our printout of the chain tensioner.


Laid out on the plastic we are going to use. Its Polycarb plastic so that we dont have to worry about it breaking.

We drew the lines on the back so we know where to bend it after we had cut it out.

Using our torch we get those perfect 90 degree bends so that the real life version will look like the PTC version.

The tensioner seems to be doing it job. Now we just have to mount it arm itself.

After we complete this we will have finished all of our tasks of the day!