Meeting Date: 
Thu, 10/14/2010
Start and End Time: 
5:30 - 9:00
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Tasks This Meeting: 

- Build the NXT control box

- Complete wiring

Reflections For This Meeting: 

Sometimes approximate is O.K.


This is a proof of concept displaying an idea we had for a forth drive wheel that would be capible of fitting in the sizing cube. The Lego "L" was going to be attached to a lego motor. to raise and lower the two extra wheels.


Getting closer to a working proof of concept.

Discussing mounting options for the lego motor.

This is when we began to realize that the retraction principal woulnd work, we began to ponder suspinsion.

"Hey Karl what if..."

After deciding against suspension we decided to lock up the drivetrain. No wheel retraction, no suspension, just one solid bar going down the drivetrain.

Me beggining to fabricate the skid plate, the mock up fit well, and I was able to trace it for the final version.

Cutting out the skid plate.

Bending the skid plate.

Skid plate in place.

Mock up of the brain protection system.

All printed out and began cutting.

Final product- pre bending.

Getting ready to bend.

Bending in process.

Begining to see the final product.


All done.

From a differant angle.

All bolted up.

Final shot of brain mounting with arm extended.