Meeting Date: 
Sun, 10/03/2010
Start and End Time: 
11 am to 11:00 PM
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Personnel Present: 
Tasks This Meeting: 

- Work on Chassis

- Work on PTC

- Come up with ways to mount the arm

Reflections For This Meeting: 

Meeting was fun


Today we worked on making the battery pack holder in PTC so that we can eventually make a newer version that looks cleaner. Also we duplicated the chassis so that we have both sides now.  We also worked on finishing up the 19 inch variable geometry chassis, along with the new stance gear ratio, being an 18:1, so we feel our robot will have no problem lifting itself.  On the PR aspect of things we typed out and sent 20 letters to local engineering companies to promote FIRST, and ask if we could come in and do a presentation of our robot.


Karl holds up a tape measure against our wheel base, when it is fully laid out.

Aother measurment, this time with both end wheels raised so it fits within 18 inches.

Al is working in PTC, creating a battery holder so we can print out and create a new and improved version.

The team cleaning up the table in preperation for a building session.

We got the prototype board today, and Gavin is looking forward to working on it!

Karl Gavin and Al working on various parts of the robot.


Karl is enjoying creating a new length of screw for the robot.

Sanding down a custom piece for the robot chassis.

One side of the wheel base completed!

Karl drilling an extra hole in the wheel base, and Gavin is watching intently.

Karl and Al testing putting the wheel base together with the rear gear system.

Al working on connecting part of the the left and right wheel base to the rear gear system.

Karl putting the wheels on one side of the wheel base.

The chassis skeleton is done!

Different angle, showing both sets of gears.



Another angle showing the left side of the wheel base.

Showing the front gear system, a lot of gears!

Showing the robot's stance.


It can go all the way down, until it is 26 inches wide!

Testing ideas on if we could control the rolling goal by stancing up the wheel base.

Another angle showing the robot's stance from the front.

The team discussing strategy ideas.

Karl thinking about possible changes and improvements.

Taking it apart again, to incorporate new ideas.

Continuing to tweak and adjust things on the robot.

Adding more support to the top of the robot.

Karl testing out a slightly new design.

Al working on building the robot into PTC.

Al starting on the wheel base of the robot.

A view from underneath out robot, showing out suspension on both end wheels.

Karl and Gavin working on the gear systems.

The first prototype for the arm.

Karl testing out spacing  for the arm.


Putting in gears to power the arm.

Gavin sketching ideas for the hand.