Techno Guards offer online Engineering Notebook for all FTC teams!

The Techno Guards were asked to do a talk at the Get Over It! Kick-Off event about the Engineering Notebook. 

Since our notebook is stored and handled entirely online on our website, we decided that just talking about it wasn't what we wanted to do... So we took the notebook portion of our site (this site -- but only team members can see it) and put it into a separate website for use by any FTC team anywhere. We  set up the site so that there is complete privacy for each team.


Anyone that wants to have an online engineering notebook can go to the website and sign up and request one.

If you are interested in using this service, please do! It is free of charge and it's the only way that we've ever done a notebook... Plus, we never worry about forgetting it or who's got it, or whether it got dropped in the rain or... it's just always there, wherever we've got an internet connection.

As of January 2011, we have teams from all over the world (as far away as Bulgaria) using the service. Additionally, teams that use the site have already won the Think award at regional qualifier tournaments.



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