Meeting Date: 
Mon, 09/06/2010
Start and End Time: 
2:00 - 8:00
Personnel Present: 
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Tasks This Meeting: 

Discuss future events during months of september of october

Discuss E-logs

Discuss presentations during kick off

Reflections For This Meeting: 

Planning is great, but plan for question time.... Lots of it


Todays meeting introduced me to the new robot that karl and gavin made while I was away. Its got tons of cool concepts im super excited to get started using! The next thing we began disscussing was team events, The yardsale, the kick off, the fair, and regional competion. Later the team discussed our new concept of E-logs, something were going to introduce at the challenge unvailing. It is a free online Engineering notbook for all teams to use! Lastly we discussed stratigies were going introduce to the new teams that will attend our stratigy siminar.