Past Teams

The Techno Guards have a history of award winning teams. The previous teams have gone to the world level of competition and some of the team members have gone to other international FIRST events as both competitors and as volunteers.

2008/2009 Face Off Team

Karl, Gavin, Robin & Chris

NorCal Inspire Award winner
World Innovate Award winner

2009/2010 Hot Shot Team

Gavin, Melody, Chris, Bailey & Karl

NorCal Inspire Award winner, Captain - Alliance #1
World Innovate Award Nominee

The FLL Power Puzzle Lego Guards

In the 2007/2008 year, several of our team members were part of the Northern California FLL State Champion Award winning Lego Guards team. In the FIRST Lego League, this team continued on to the FLL World Festival and were awarded the first place Engineering-Programming award.

More can be seen about this team by clicking here