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Reflections For This Meeting: 

Its great to have our coach back home!



 Team round table talking about different ideas for our robot.

Looking at the paddle idea and seeing if we could use this one rather then a Rail Gun design or wheels launching the wiffle balls.

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Reflections For This Meeting: 

It's fun to start working on a robot again


Today we organized and put away some supplies that we ordered. We decided to start work on a 6 wheel chassis design.

Chris building the first half of the chassis.


Taking apart the previous chassis design.

Bailey organizing and taking apart more pieces. Read more »


Reflections For This Meeting: 



 Sometimes mechanical engineers work best alone







Today Chris and I met to go over ideas for the launch mechanism for our robot.
After making a parts needed list, we started brainstorming ideas.

Some of our ideas were: different... like how to hold the plastic in place so we can spin it with the motor. We needed a way to hold the plastic so that we can spin it.

We were worried about torque, bending and integrity.

Our first idea for holding the plastic in place (using cardboard to represent plastic) is below. Read more »


Reflections For This Meeting: 

Team work is good!

This meeting we worked on learning CAD, and brainstormed more ideas for the ability of picking up and launching whiffle balls with our robot.
Also, we have a booth at the Auburn Community Festival this weekend and we worked on what we will be handing out, and showing off at our booth.

Melody and Gavin learning the PTC software


Chris and I going over chassis ideas Read more »


Reflections For This Meeting: 

Thank goodness for Skype: to be able to brainstorm with our coach who is in Australia!!!

I drew out this robot concept idea after an intense brainstorming conversation with Coach Alan.

Using a paddle like design to fling the balls at an angled projectory is an idea for launching. As for containing, using almost like a container/box with angles on the bottom to guide the balls to the launcher.

Materials: plastics and maybe some aluminum, maybe some 3" PVC pipe.


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