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Meeting Date: 
Fri, 01/07/2011
Reflections For This Meeting: 

Yes we can do a quad balance without that other robot.

Our quad balance! After driving and practicing all day we were able to get faster at getting batons, dispensing batons, and grabbing the rolling goals. While practicing getting at least both rolling goals we played with the idea of another robot being able to go on the end to hold down the bridge. Then using auto balance we were able to just sit back and watch.


Meeting Date: 
Wed, 01/05/2011
Reflections For This Meeting: 

Coming down to the homestretch

Today Gavin came over early to work more on finishing some of the autonomous programs. Primarily, to work on the 'get over the mountain' program that will allow us to score and then push the rolling goal over the mountain to the other side. I worked on finishing some of the plastic armor - upper pieces - that I had already designed in CAD and had printed out.  Read more »


Meeting Date: 
Sun, 01/02/2011
Reflections For This Meeting: 

 This is our last big meeting before competition ! We are working hard and getting ready.

This is our last big meeting - with everyone here - before the Nor Cal Tournament next Sunday.

We started out the meeting going over the tasks to do (see photo below) and got to work. During the week, Gavin will come over on his own a couple of days to work on programming. Chris and I have to spend time together to practice driving the robot, and Al is spending time to finish up PR stuff and CAD drawings. Read more »


Meeting Date: 
Thu, 12/09/2010
Reflections For This Meeting: 

Sometimes it is faster to build something in CAD and sometimes - like today- it is faster to try things in real life first and put it into CAD later

Yes, the new hand looks like it should work, but the way we tried to mount it onto the arm didn't seem to adjust easy enough. It is time for some new ideas. Instead of making it spin on plastic pieces, I had the idea that we make it move left and right and front and back on shafts.

I started to design it in CAD, but found it was faster to build it in real life first to make sure the concept works. Chris and I put the ideas together and think it will do what we want it to do. Read more »


Meeting Date: 
Fri, 11/26/2010
Reflections For This Meeting: 

Currently things have been working all to well, so either its PTC or its a lot of luck.

We still do not have a hand finalized, and are still coming up with ideas for it. One of the big ideas is to use the idea of a locomotive oval rotary to linear action. We are focusing on that concept today, and know that we have to complete the hand pronto.

Using Lego gears to get our servos to have more speed for a new concept for a grabber.

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