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Meeting Date: 
Sun, 10/03/2010
Reflections For This Meeting: 

Meeting was fun


Today we worked on making the battery pack holder in PTC so that we can eventually make a newer version that looks cleaner. Also we duplicated the chassis so that we have both sides now.  We also worked on finishing up the 19 inch variable geometry chassis, along with the new stance gear ratio, being an 18:1, so we feel our robot will have no problem lifting itself.  On the PR aspect of things we typed out and sent 20 letters to local engineering companies to promote FIRST, and ask if we could come in and do a presentation of our robot.

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August 22nd, 2010 - The first real meeting of the year

Meeting Date: 
Sun, 08/22/2010
Reflections For This Meeting: 

Summer is now officially over.


Karl and Chris tore apart the proof-of-concept robot to try and reverse the stance.


Our first stanced robot, ready to get torn apart.

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