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Meeting Date: 
Sun, 11/28/2010
Reflections For This Meeting: 

CAD makes really cool pictures - hope they work in real life too!

This was a long and big meeting - and both Gavin and Alejandro wrote part of today's engineering log.

Today we have GOT to get the new hand design finalized, and the hand built. Plus, we're going to try to figure out the prototype board's digital stuff so we can use limit switches from there.


Granite Bay FLL Tournament

Meeting Date: 
Sun, 11/21/2010
Reflections For This Meeting: 

The best part was getting all the FLL kids excited about FIRST Tech Challenge!!!

Our entire team worked very hard to organize, set up and run the first ever Granite Bay FLL Tournament. We worked hard and had a great time -and all of the FLL teams and family/friends had a great time too.

We introduced a lot of young FLL members to FTC today - which was a blast too. Read more »


Meeting Date: 
Sat, 10/30/2010
Reflections For This Meeting: 

Late, it's getting Late.... it's REALLY getting late.

To Do List:

Team number on robot - done
Engineering blog print
Samantha Module - done
Motor Lead Holders - done
Community Binder - done
Bill Of Materials
Cover for controllers - done
Battery Holder - done
Wrist Attachment - done
Bridge Lower Rollers - done
Attach Hand - done
Hand and Wrist wiring - done
Flag Holder - done
Main Motor wiring/check - done  Read more »


Meeting Date: 
Thu, 10/21/2010
Reflections For This Meeting: 

We all had a great time working with Brian, and are so greatful to have been able to use some of his equipment and expertise working on our robot.

  Read more »


Meeting Date: 
Sun, 10/17/2010
Reflections For This Meeting: 

We went through several different versions of the wheel base, and assembled the arm.


Today we worked on rebuilding the robot's wheel base, and installing the first version of the arm.  We changed the wheel from all four on each side being fixed, to it being two sets on each side with suspension so the wheels had a freer range of movement, which will be helpful in going over the mountain.  We continued working on the arm, and installed two motors do drive both directions of movement.  We needed a working robot for the Auburn Community Festival the next day, so we built a quick "pincher" to put on the end of the arm. Read more »

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