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Reflections For This Meeting: 

The PTC software model is looking really impressive.

Working with plastic is easy substance for us to work with (after the experience last year).



 Today we started with a whole sheet of plastic: we cut, scoured, and broke it. Next, we clamped it down outside on the railing, heated the plastic with our heat gun forming 2 reflective polycarbonate pieces, which would hopefully make our paddle. After we melted it we cut it and assembled our plastic bitness to form our 4 fin plastic shooter.

Me and Karl cutting the plastic. We are using poly carbonate.

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Reflections For This Meeting: 

foreign drinks are very tasty but near impossible to crack open!

When I arrived today i was greeted with a long list of possible sponsors and places to give presentations, that the team and i went through. I went through and called each and every one of them, about 20 in total. We scheduled call backs and possible meetings.



Karl worked on fixing the robot servos (that were damaged at the Maker's Faire)

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Reflections For This Meeting: 


 Upon reflecting about the compitition tomorrow we seek 3 goals. 1. find a good scoop or method for picking up pucks off the ground. 2. practice driving. 3. have fun. with all of our previous compititions we have found not one other team ready for the opening. i think its fair to say that our team is ready for a challenge. OTHER TEAMS WATCH OUT!


Reflections For This Meeting: 

you can never have never too much AMP/ it brings late night miracles

you can mount screws through lego holes if you make those holes slightly bigger...

This week we had four focus points. 1st off Gavin and Robin programmed the sonic sensor using a table instead of math. It needed over 155 coordinates put into the table to work right... our hopes for this is that we will be able to press a button that will drive up to the puck holder, dump it, and rotate towards the goal - mind you all with the press of a button. We also remounted our ultrasonic sensor to a more protected location that allows more movement.


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