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2/13/2010 - Woodland Scrimmage

Reflections For This Meeting: 

The robot does things differently in the "real world"

Today the team attended a scrimmage with 5 other teams.

robot approaching shooting position.
Note the not-to-spec goals - but the holes were still 30"

We had robot driving try-outs

The teams were decided after trying all the possible combinations. First team is me driving, Bailey arms, Karl coaching. Second team is Gavin, Melody, and Karl. Read more »


Reflections For This Meeting: 

No matter how good the concept, everything needs a good tune.

Today the team had one goal, to pick up the balls and move them to the top. We eventually achieved this task but it wasn't consistant, so tomorrow we plan on tuning the final product. Our ball elivator is a band of non slip with several rollers powered by LEGO motors.

Checking to see where our shooter will be positioned.

  Read more »


Reflections For This Meeting: 

cutting plastic with scissors is really hard

"if it can cut chicken it can cut plastic"

lazers are cool.....and nifty for lighting things up with YAW


Today we began with trimming the bottom of our intake to accept oncoming balls.

At this point we discovered some of the balls hit the escalator wrong and repel away. This caused us to mount a LEGO motor on the side of it running constantly at slow speeds to keep the balls forced up against the lift chute.

Cutting the plastic to make a guard for the shooter. Read more »


Reflections For This Meeting: 

Finally we get some new robot driving action, we are making plans to unviel at the FLL Qualifying competition this Sunday!


Bailey duplicating the drive train



Karl and myself cutting our fan wheel down to fit in the pvc pipe


 Karl and Melody placing finishing touches on each drive train side Read more »


Reflections For This Meeting: 

A clean workstation/organized tools, sure makes building easier!

Today we worked on finishing organizing all our parts and tools, plus the new pieces we ordered.

Over the previous meetings some sub-sufficiant creations had been made, and this meeting we deconstructed anything that is not realivant to current creations.

Melody labeling and Gavin and Karl organizing. Read more »

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