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Reflections For This Meeting: 

Is the compass sensor going to be of use to us on this robot?

Would an acceleration sensor be a better choice?

  Today we worked on creating a program that would allow us to press one of the buttons (1, 2, 3, or 4) which would make the robot turn north, east, south or west.  This would also allow us to align the robot by turning quickly in any direction.  We have had some difficulties making the robot stop when it turns.  The robot will spin past its destination and not stop at all.  I am working on fixing this and making the robot turn the shortest distance. The robot will only turn right at the moment, even when the fastest way is left. Read more »


Reflections For This Meeting: 

How do we make sure the controllers are accurate?

We worked on using the controllers to move motors and servos.  We also worked on creating a dead space.  This allowed the driver to let go of the joystick, and even if the joystick isn't exactly center, then it can work.  The engineers worked on an lifting arm for the U shaped arm that we are working on.


Karl figuring out the wiring.



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Reflections For This Meeting: 

First meeting, we're all pretty excited about it. Karl and Chris are looking forward to being able to modify stuff as they want to!

Today, we made a simple robot so that we could begin to understand the new FTC kit...

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