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Reflections For This Meeting: 

We were very productive, and the robot is looking good.  The programs are looking good as well, but some of the stuff still isn't working...

 Today, February 28th, we met at the coach's house to work on all our stuff.

Working on the Bill of Materials.

Chris working on plating using the drummel.

Robin & me working on the Bill of materials. Read more »


Reflections For This Meeting: 

 Problems with bluetooth were definitely frustrating...

Today we worked on making the robot run smoothly with a controller.  For some reason, there is an error somwhere in the bluetooth that made the robot move unexpectedly.  We rewrote the whole program, and it helped, but the robot still would move unexpectedly.  We worked on reconnecting the wires also, but it didn't change the problem at all.  Next meeting, we should reinstall the firmware, and see if this helps the robot.



I need a letterhead for a letter to Mr. Niello, can you post one asap.



Reflections For This Meeting: 

We realize that the servo motors just weren't strong enough to do everything we needed to do. The drive motors are strong enough... sometimes TOO strong.

Continues to be interesting to see how to balance the two.

Today we all worked on building another robot after we took apart the last one.   The arm is now able to reach 26 inches when extended and 15 when down.  Now instead of tilting just the arm, we are tilting the motor and all, which allows us to reach out over the wall to dump pucks. The engineers still need to add the puck lifting arm, but the robot is ready to run and is sturdy.  The programmers are going to begin on making the arm move using the joystick.  The robot should be able to be used at the scrimmage.



Reflections For This Meeting: 

Is the compass sensor the best option for the robot?

Is  a tilt meter a better option?

Today we worked on the compass program that would allow use to turn the robot easily and quickly in any direction.  We made it work by changing the way that we stated the sensors.  We had accidentally told the program to take a number three times, instead of once.  We also worked on some math that allows the robot to turn the shortest distance. We also made the program easy to change for any different motor. Read more »

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