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Reflections For This Meeting: 

Tweaking numbers seems to take forever!

With Alan resetting the robot, I spent time continuoulsy tweaking the autonomous missions until they were correct. This took about 2 hours.


Reflections For This Meeting: 

We now have almost 5 different autonomous programs, however, all of them need the numbers adjusted.

We had a major team discussion concerning Robin leaving the team.

We met this evening, and Dave Parker also came to the meeting, to help tweak some of our autonomous programs.
We decided to remove the tables and use fixed numbers, but all of those fixed numbers need to be adjusted. We will have another meeting this Friday to do that.

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Reflections For This Meeting: 

 The plastic lid is not bent easily

 The table is going to make our programs better

Chris and Gavin bending plastic lid for the chute cover.


Gavin programing the table for the automous


Karl and Chris bending the end of the cover for the chute.

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Reflections For This Meeting: 

Always check to make sure that the important stuff isn't documented out of the program

Make sure that the encoder isn't scratched, it messes EVERYTHING up.

Monday, March 23rd, we met at Coach's house again. Dave Parker also came to the meeting to help me with Robot C (since Alan is still in San Diego)

Dave is very knowledgable in Robot C and a great teacher. He was a big help, especially in explaining how to make reference tables.

Dave Parker offering suggestions on strategy.

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Reflections For This Meeting: 

100 speed is a little too fast for align with walls

The red ground trick works sometimes, but needs to be sped up

 Monday, March 16th meeting: LeVezu- Buck residence

Today was another meeting without our coach, Alan, who is in San Diego until March 26th!

Mark Edelman and Jill Wilker were kind enough to let us borrow their field to use before World! We will be at the UC Davis FRC State Championship, March 28th, with the field and our robot, to do demonstrations!

Setting up the field in the LeVezu- Buck family room!

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