Engineering Notebook and Documents from FaceOff and HotShot Released

Meeting Date: 
Mon, 08/01/2011
Reflections For This Meeting: 

The Techno Guards are releasing documentation from their previous seasons

Attached to this entry are the engineering blogs from the Face Off year and the Hot Shot year.


Attached to this entry are the engineering blogs from the Face Off year and the Hot Shotyear.

You can find them here!


Meeting Date: 
Sat, 04/23/2011
Reflections For This Meeting: 

A tornado in St. Louis?!!? Really?!?!

Today is our last meeting before we leave for competition.  We spent several days during the week with extra meetings, getting everything we need done.  Today we are almost done, with just some autonomous to finish up, pieces and tools to pack up, and BOM to be finalized.  Once we finished that, we went on to practice driving, with our two teams.  Gavin worked on the autonomous to get the robot across the bridge and grab the doubler baton, and also the autonomous to empty the low rack and shoot all the batons into the one point goal, across the cliff.  We spent some Read more »


Meeting Date: 
Fri, 04/22/2011
Reflections For This Meeting: 

The Auto programs are doing great

When a wire burns out it is a HUGE pain to fix

We are relatively lucky with how easy it was to fix the burnt out wire/servo

 Today was primarily spent working on programs and fixing some of the older ones. When placing the robot in starting position we saw some smoke coming from the robot. Upon closer inspection and the removal of batteries we found a servo wire had heated up and melted. Replacing it we found we had shorted it.


Meeting Date: 
Thu, 04/21/2011
Reflections For This Meeting: 

These paddles are much more fun to build than the ones from last year!

This morning, Gavin, Karl and myself met at the house early and got to work. Mostly we worked on figuring out the spitter paddles. The original plastic ones we had built didn't have enough force to successfully 'spit' the batons up over the cliff. Since we realize the new intake, we don't have to eject them as fast and so we cut it down to one paddle - which gave us more flexibilty on the placement of the paddle. It ended up longer, but shoots the batons further- which is what we wanted. Read more »


Meeting Date: 
Sun, 04/17/2011
Reflections For This Meeting: 

Got a lot done!

 Today is one week and counting until we go to World in St. Louis. We have a lot of different jobs to do, and after discussing what was needed (and writing it on the whiteboard) - we each started to work on the tasks at hand.

One of the things we are most excited about is putting some sound into our robot box. This has been a dream we've had for awhile. Ever since we first went to Worlds, 3 years ago as FLL Lego Guards-Power Puzzle - and saw this awesome FRC team's robot cart with an incredible sound system. Read more »

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