Resources for FTC Teams

How to start an FLL team


Starting An FLL Team
Anyone can form a team. It can be a school classroom, after-school program, extracurricular group, home school, neighborhood kids, a club, or civic organization. A team consists of three to 10 kids, ages 9-14, and at least one adult coach.

We've attached a simple PDF with information that can be printed out for use in explaining what it takes to get started.


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FIRST LEGO League Line Following

The Techno Guards came from the FIRST LEGO League Team: the Lego Guards. In fact, most of the current members of our FTC team were on the Power Puzzle team that was the Northern California 1st Place Championship team, who also won the World Festival 1st place Engineering - Programming award.

Thanks to the team's winning that award at the World Festival we've received a bunch of information requests about some of the things that we did. In particular, the team gets asked about the line following routine that the judges talked a lot about.

There are several files attached and a rather detailed description (from our coach) of the line following discovery trail. One of the files is the printout of the actual code we used for the robot in the Power Puzzle Challenge. However, we heartily recommend that you read about and understand the  concepts and discovery trail behind it. we recently looked for the actual code (3 years later) and cannot locate it (it's all in RobotC now for FTC and we haven't  looked at NXT-G very much).

Please remember, it's way more important that your team have and enjoy their own discoveries than that every team can follow a line same way we did!

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What is FLL?

We have created several pieces of information about FLL. One of the ones that we regularly use is the half page flyer (you can print two per page). We bring these and have them out for the public to take when we do events.