PTC Extra CAD Library for FTC

The Techno Guards use CAD a lot this year. In order to complete our robot we had to create a bunch of parts that are not yet listed in the KOP from PTC.

Also, some of the items in the delivered Kit Of Parts are not designed to be easily replaceable (we change lengths of stuff a lot), so we rebuilt those into family items. For instance all of the channels are rebuilt into one channel -- you can select the size the same as with more individual pieces, but you can also just replace one with another.  The same with the Socket Head Screws and the gears.

We're offering all of the parts that we've built and rebuilt for use by others. You can download the entire library or just the parts that you need.





AttachmentSize (Entire Library)10.75 MB (LEGO Part)533.13 KB (Modified Part)155.54 KB (Rebuilt Tetrix Part)797.65 KB (LEGO Part)469.1 KB (Rebuilt Tetrix Part)846.02 KB
HT Prototype (Plus expansion board and header)4.54 MB (plus Battery Holder)1.09 MB (We use these a lot)130.81 KB (Rebuilt Tetrix Part)720.23 KB (Used with Prototype Board)343.75 KB (Tetrix)555.31 KB (Rebuilt Tetrix Part)134.24 KB (Modified Tetrix Part)217.68 KB (Tetrix)127.09 KB (LEGO Part)151.72 KB (Yep... just a simple washer and a fender washer too)61.06 KB